I’m certifiable, LOL!


The road to becoming an Essential Oil Certified Specialist began in the Summer of 2016.  I was roaming around the Maui Swap Meet and bought a bottle of Balance, feeling a need for more of that in my life!  I was both hopeful and dubious, a doubting Thomas.  When you’ve gone through a rough time, where your self-care needs are not being met, when you’ve learned to doubt everything you once knew…..it takes a little while to get back on track, to be open to trusting anything or anyone new.  But these oils have a way of working their magic on you.  They are like a great big fat book, or an epic series of novels, that seem too large to absorb in the beginning, until they draw you into their world, becoming one of your favorite things.

For me, it’s taken four years to integrate these oils into my life fully and, thus, discovered how they have changed my life.  I’m still a work in progress though, as I learn more each day about their uses, chemistry, distillation methods, and sourcing, to name just a few areas of study.  While my motto may be, “A Little powder, little paint, makes a lady what she ain’t,” my wellness journey is about the use of these incredibly powerful oils and their ability to make you what you want to be, healthy, strong, resilient, empowered.

They support my wellness journey and my emotional well being.  They are my little problem solver, I keep in my purse, on my desk, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my tub of water to bathe in, in my cleaning bucket, in my medicine cabinet, in my washing machine, by my sink, on my toothbrush, in the air, in and on my body.  They’ve sort of become like a best friend, something I can rely on daily, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health….oh, wait, that’s a husband….

Anyhow, what is it to be Sassy, really?  Some may think it’s a conceit to claim that I’m a “Sassy Pants”.  Believe me, I don’t always feel Sassy.  That too, is a work in progress.  Sometimes, you have to remember who you are and that makes all the difference in this life.  To me feeling Sassy means feeling confident and energetic, having a joie de vivre no matter what your age is, to believe that this life has more good things coming your way, that you are not all washed up, just because you are older.  The wrinkles and gray hairs may come.  Who cares?  I know who I am and I know what I want.  Life is not life, without a passion and this is one of mine.  As a friend says, raise your vibration by eating high vibration foods, using these high vibration oils that are the life blood, the essence of plants, what makes them strong and beautiful!  No matter what is going on around me, when I use these oils, when I’m good to myself, my body, I can feel my vibration rising up and that’s when I’m at my happiest.  And, as long as you have a passion, you will always be young at heart.  This is mine.







Mrs. Sassy Pants



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