I’m certifiable, LOL!

While my motto may be, “A Little powder, little paint, makes a lady what she ain’t,” my wellness journey is about the use of these incredibly powerful oils and their ability to make you what you want to be, healthy, strong, resilient, empowered.  They support my wellness journey and my emotional well being.  They are my little problem solver, I keep in my purse, on my desk, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my tub of water to bathe in, in my cleaning bucket, in my medicine cabinet, in my washing machine, by my sink, on my toothbrush, in the air, in and on my body.  They’ve sort of become like a best friend, something I can rely on daily, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health….oh, wait, that’s a husband….


“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Whose 10X Mirror Does Not Appall?”- A little tool, for you, or the man in your life on Father’s Day.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Our faces tell the story of our life.  Did you ever notice that no matter how old and wrinkly a good person is, they will always look pretty, or handsome?  Aging well is a reward for a life well lead.  I’m convinced good thoughts and just plain goodness, is very…

“A Little Powder, A Little Paint, Makes A Lady What She Ain’t.”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Confession:  This is my makeup table.  Am I a hoarder, or do you think it is just the right amount of makeup?  I would love to know!  My table is secondhand, bought from Christine Kobzeff a.k.a. PinkSoFoxy of YouTube fame, just before she left Maui for a new life in…