Five Tips for Navigating the Current Essential Oil Craze


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Essential oils seem to be in everything these days.  While this is a clever marketing, essential oils can have a powerful effect upon a person’s health and should be used with care.  Like anything in life, when you first take up a hobby, a new subject to study, there’s a learning curve.  Even when you have a background in healthcare like me, it is not a given that you just feel comfortable over night with essential oils and how to use them.  Indeed, the variety of oils and brands out there can be dizzying.  Here’s some hints on how to bring oils in to your life:

 1.  NOT ALL OILS ARE SAFE TO USE, a.k.a., cheaper is not better! – I admit, the first oils I bought were off Amazon and I wanted the best deal possible, or the most oils for the price!   At the time, I didn’t know how truly difficult and precise the process of growing, harvesting, distilling and bottling these oils are.  I didn’t understand then that many companies use filler oils,  synthetic chemicals to mimic the scent of oils, that there could be substances that  might not be at all good for me.  It’s key to find a reputable company, that guarantee their products are CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) and use 3rd party testing to assure quality and purity.  Personally, I believe the very best oil company out there is doTERRA.  From the first smell I knew they knocked it out of the park and put my Amazon-purchased oils to shame!  You can find out more here:

2.  SO HERE’S THE DEAL:   IT‘S IMPORTANT TO GET SOME EDUCATION AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS.  – This isn’t like eating a banana for the first time.  These are heavily concentrated, powerful plant compounds that have the capacity to literally change your life, when used properly.  And….just like any new product you use on, near, or in your body, it’s key to take the time to find out how to use them.  Any reputable company, such as doTERRA, will have literally mountains of resources on their website, as well as free classes for new users to learn about the oils and best methods of use.

If I’m the person who invites you to make doTERRA a part of your wellness journey, you will get an A-Z guide booklet from me, invitations to loads of online free classes and support groups, recommended phone apps and most importantly, I will always be available to answer any questions you may have.  That being said, I’m not a physician and can’t diagnose or treat disease.  The RN after my name is something I’m very proud of and maybe gives me a bit more knowledge than the average Joe about how the human body works, but you should ALWAYS consult your physician about any symptoms you are having, or ongoing medical concerns.

3.  WHAT’S YOUR BODIES RESPONSE?  – Equally important is to monitor your response to the oils.  When you are new to oils, it’s probably best to start with their aromatic use first and to purchase a kit (which includes a diffuser hopefully) of the most commonly used oils.  Why is that?  Well, it’s just plain smart to have your reactions to the oils stand out, to better know which ones work best for you.  Plus, they have been used for thousands of years and, in many cases, been a part of scientific studies in modern times.  Therefore, their effects and uses are well-known and well-documented.

So get yourself a basic kit and smell them!  See how they make you feel!   Do you like the smell?  What changes do you notice happening in your body with use?  Keep a little notebook, where you write down how the oils make you feel, emotionally or physically, if you like.  You’ll find in the doTERRA community, we share lots of recipes for oil blends and diffuser blends.  Here’s a journal that will spark joy in the most organization maven-minded among you! –

Or, something a bit more basic, like this one:

Now, if you like the idea of topical use, it is always probably best at first to dilute the oils in a carrier oil, such as jojoba, avocado, or fractionate coconut oil.  There are a number of reasons why dilution, especially if used on children, the elderly, or anyone with sensitive skin, is best.  This method:  1). Decreases evaporation that can happen, as the oils are volatile aromatic compounds and evaporate quick; 2). This minimizes any potential sensitivities (especially when using what are called “hot” oils such as cinnamon, or oregano, as well as, make your oils last longer; and, 3). This method spreads them around a larger surface area to make a bigger impact on the body, which is especially useful if you are having, for example, sore muscles on a larger area of the body.

Once you’ve gone the dilution route for a while and know that a specific oil is tolerated well by you, then when you need a quick application, an undiluted, or “neat” application is fine.  Just know that, while oil sensitivities are very rare, like anything else in our environment that touches our skin, some folks are sensitive, or allergic to certain substances.  What is so awesome about essential oils is that there are oils that overlap in what they do for you, and can be substituted if you have a sensitivity reaction to one.

The third method is internal use.  Now,  I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that there is some controversy out there about that.  First off, consult doTERRA’s “Product Information Page (PIP)” for recommended methods of use.  Some oils, like Wintergreen, should never be taken internally.  Then, get yourself an awesome, jam-packed resource guide/manual, such as:

This is, again, why going with a reputable company such as doTERRA is sooooooo important, because essential oils, when used improperly, can be unsafe, so starting off with what I like to call a primary oil kit and some education from doTERRA is key to a positive first experience.

To my mind, here’s the bottomline on internal use.  You should do what you are comfortable with and in consultation with your physician to see if internal use is right for you, especially if you are pregnant, or have any underlying disease states or disorders, for which you are under the care of a physician.  And heh, if internal use isn’t your thing, that’s fine too.  Remember, these oils are extremely powerful substances and highly concentrated.  Aromatic use gets the oils to your brain in seconds!  That’s powerful stuff.  And, topical use, is a luscious and awesome method for application.  It is an amazing method for a relaxing therapeutic massage and can improve the condition of your skin and, dependent on the oil you choose, can decrease the signs of aging to boot.  Now, that is music to my ears!

4.  CHECK YOUR OVERWHELM AT THE DOOR. – If you are like me, you want to know everything about everything overnight!  Realize that bringing these oils into your life is a journey and it should be a joyful one!   Initially, I felt a little anxious starting with the oils. I was like, ah-yah-yah, “there are so many of them and I have no idea what they are good for.”  Well, that’s part of the fun Miss Thing!  Sort of like making a new friend, getting to know them over conversation and coffee.  And with doTERRA’s online support through Facebook groups, online education, etc…you are not alone in the process.  

Think of starting with essential oils like going to a big cocktail party.  If you are a bit shy, or hesitant, a little uncertain, you would probably start in one area of the room, pick a person or two that look interesting and start up a conversation.  Then, you might move on and strike up a conversation with another little group, who will hopefully delight and enliven your night!  If all goes well and you keep meeting people and having positive experiences, before you know it, you may find you are the belle of the ball and, like me, totally, happily, joyfully obsessed with the oils and so grateful I came to the party!

5.  THEY DON’T WORK,  IF YOU DON’T USE THEM. – I know this seems like a big duh, but so many people buy a kit and then don’t use the oils!  I don’t know, maybe that’s because they are more expensive than the ones from Target.  People feel they have to conserve them.  But realize a little goes a very, very, very long way.  One drop or two is all you need, per application.  Again, the best and most economical way to begin to bring essential oils into your life is to purchase a enrollment kit, as opposed to being a retail customer.  If you purchase an enrollment kit, your $35 membership fee is waived and you get amazing wholesale prices!  Here’s a image of our current enrollment kits as of this writing:


One way to help you to use the oils is to understand that where you place them in your home can help you to remember to use them.  Plainly and simply, if placed in the right location, you will use them more often.  I recommend you place them where you will see them daily.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Is it in the kitchen, your family room, the office?  If it’s multiple places, a great thing to do is to divide them up a bit and dilute them in fractionated coconut oil filled roller ball bottles.  These are so cheap and easy to purchase and use.  This will make your oils go a whole lot farther too!  The ease of use, the placing them in multiple locations where you tend to be, all will help you to remember to use them a lot.  Until I started using my oils everyday, the power of the oils to effect my life, my wellness, was hamstrung.  Yes, occasional use is pleasant, but daily use is really the way to go to maximize your response.  So, here are some items you might want to pick up.  In this case, Amazon IS a good source of supplies, buy you will also find them on my personal doTERRA website, under “Accessories,” so compare prices.

Here are some quick Amazon links:

Oh, and one more thing is to have a really excellent travel pack or pouch for optimal on-the-go convenience.    Here’s one:

However, I don’t recommend buying your travel pack on Amazon.  If you go to my doTERRA website, you will see it is priced much lower, at just $6.50:

So, in closing, find a reputable company to purchase from (I recommend doTERRA), get a least some education (online, with books and apps, or from your Wellness Advocate a.k.a., me, hopefully ;), monitor your response (journaling is a great idea), and have some fun getting to know the oils (be patient, be adventurous and creative).  Use them everyday and place them in places where they are handy and you see them often.  Pretty soon, you won’t leave home with out them and that’s when the real fun begins, as you transition over to a toxin-free, natural solutions lifestyle, which includes empowered self-care.

I hope you avoid the mistakes I made and enjoy the road to a happier, healthier you!

Much Love, Peace and Aloha!

Mrs. Sassy Pants