“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Whose 10X Mirror Does Not Appall?”- A little tool, for you, or the man in your life on Father’s Day.


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Our faces tell the story of our life.  Did you ever notice that no matter how old and wrinkly a good person is, they will always look pretty, or handsome?  Aging well is a reward for a life well lead.  I’m convinced good thoughts and just plain goodness, is very good for the skin.

So is living on Maui, despite the ever-present rays of the South Maui sun.  Being at peace with yourself, your life, taking stock of the ebb and flow of one’s days, trying to eliminate the “manna suckers” that encroach upon one’s life, certainly can have a renewing effect upon the health and beauty of a person’s skin.  Does decongesting your life of negative people and stressful situations decongest your pores and improve the tone and texture of your skin?  I sure hope so!

While Maui is my personal paradise, it is not exactly a shopper’s paradise.  Admittedly, I’ve become a little addicted to the beauty bins at Ross.  Maybe it’s the not having here on Maui, that leaves this Mrs. Sassy Pants feeling deprived and thirsty for retail therapy. This is how I came upon and, finally, purchased a really cool, lighted, portable 10X travel mirror. Then, as is the way of the cosmos, I stumbled upon an awesome tuturial online by an older makeup artist, who used a  compact style 10X.  And, so, I sought that out too, finding it at one of my other fav stores– Le Target in Kahului.

At first glance, the face of a 50-something in a 10X, is not for the faint of heart.  I might need the smelling salts off Grandma’s dresser.  But, then again, I’m a nurse.  I like looking at icky stuff.  I like finding out the underlying truth of the matter.  What is the patient’s real or most pressing problem?  Most def, there are some areas of concern staring back at me in those 10X mirrors.

My dark circled eyes=big problemo.  But, they are the same circles Grandma had, my niece has, my brother has.  They’ve become harder and harder to cover up as the collagen in my skin thins.  While the beauty world has Tarte’s Shape Tape to camo their under eyes, Mauians await the opening of Ulta in Kahului (due to their exclusive rights to sell the product).  The grand opening is evidently on “Island time” too.  Shape Tape is gonna have to wait for my under eyes and so are fillers.  I just can’t rationalize the expense of fillers.  Their effect is grand, but it disappears too fast for me.  So, is there a way to improve dark circles and other issues commonly found under our eyes?

On a whim, I picked up the Elf Massaging Wand recently.  It’s supposed to be good for the under eyes, but I use it all over my face because it feels relaxing and, I figure, must be stimulating acupressure points to help my face and body.  It’s reasonably priced too.  I found it at Target, https://www.target.com/p/e-l-f-massaging-eye-wand-with-eye-cream-set/-/A-52658707 for around $25.00.  It claims to “use gentle vibrations and heat to prep the skin for products” applied.  It comes with a soothing eye cream, which has some great ingredients in it like Green Tea, Cucumber, Jojoba seed oil.  But, does vibration and heat help absorption?  I’m not sure about that.  I suppose it’s possible, but not easily quantifiable without the benefit of some expert assistance.  Still…I am giving it a try and feel it is improving the texture and degree of darkness of my under eye area.

Jojoba comes from a desert shrub, grown in the Southwest, primarily for use in beauty products.  It has been used by the Native Americans to treat skin sores and bruises and has anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties.  It is also loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin E.  It is a great emollient, similar to sebum, the oily substance naturally found in our skin (which decreases with age) and holds in water, making the skin look plumped up.  Cucumbers have long been known to be a great curative when cooled and applied to under eye bags.  They also contain magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, B1, and C, and biotin–all very nourishing to the skin.  Green tea is filled with potent catechins, which are very powerful antioxidants, that help to gobble up the damaging free radicals our skin is exposed to every day.

Interestingly, quite a few studies have been done on the topical application and/or ingestion of green tea.  There’s good evidence that green tea actually protects against UV damage, the primary cause of skin cancer.  It also helps to lighten skin, sooth acne, psoriasis, itchy skin and, generally, decreases  inflammation.  In fact, the polyphenols in green tea help to stimulate aged keratinocytes, thus, possibly producing skin renewal.  Maybe this is the real secret behind the beauty of Korean skin?

The wand itself heats up with use and opens your pores.  But, it never gets too hot.  It’s battery operated, very portable to throw in your purse to use on the go.  Perhaps the open pores help get the included cream and other products you use beyond the surface your skin, though I think it would in part depend on molecule size, with respect to the depth of absorption.  Vibrations of the wand certainly stimulate circulation and promote a feeling of relaxation for me.  It is a very nice amount of pressure and vibration, nothing too harsh and feels really good using it.  I’ve used the wand on my temples too, to help with a headache even. It seems to help with sinus congestion too.

I decided to look up acupressure points, as I’m no expert on these.  I found that you can apply pressure at:  1).  The Third Eye area to stimulate the Pituitary Gland (for help with skin texture/reduce skin problems; 2). The Facial Beauty Point (about a cm. to the left and right of the nostrils) to reduce blemishes, improve circulation/skin tone; and, 3). The Heavenly Appearance/Glow Point, which is just below the ear lobes and just below where your jaw ends at the neck to improve skin luster and wrinkles.  Again, I’m no expert, but since acupressure/puncture have been around for thousands of years, I think its reasonable to use the wand at these points, to help with beauty maintenance and relaxation of the mind.

The most important element of a beauty regimen to me is, ultimately, the notion of self-care, of reiterating that you deserve this experience, that your life does not have to be all about giving to other people, being only concerned about the needs and happiness of others.  There has to be an intersection of self-acceptance of one’s flaws in that 10X mirror and loving yourself anyway, along with the desire and the commitment to work on what bothers you, because you deserve it—especially when it is a pleasurable/user-friendly/economical device such as the Elf Massaging Wand.  It may not be a quick fix, but I think it is a a useful tool for beauty maintenance and one you (or the Father in your life) deserves.

Happy Father’s Day!


Mrs. Sassy Pants

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