Hello, um, 2022? I’m ready for you…and the quiet life.


Why I’m ready for the Holidays and to say goodbye to 2021.

I hate to wish my life away.  But, 2021, bye girl.  Bye.

Ten 2022 Goals:

1).  Give up trying to change anyone.

2).  Self-care everyday.  Replace changing other people to changing me.  The first is impossible.  The second, hard, but doable, with a lot of effort.

3).  The journey has its own rewards.  Enjoy the trip, the personal growth.  Keep it moving.  Know that God has you in the palm of his hand, so relax.

4).  Have a Bi-focal life.  See what’s in front of you, but also down the road.  If what’s up close is bad, it won’t always be.  Remember, life gets better in time, even in the worst of times.  Always keep the horizon in view.  Walk life’s beach.  Smell, feel, taste, touch, see it all.

5).  Spend more time listening to music, analyzing what’s not working in my life, planning a brighter future, bringing goals into reality.  Less reactivity.

6).  Zen calm, inside/out.  That’s the goal.  Don’t get rattled by the people who don’t matter.  Find the ones that do.

7).  Play the long-game.  Pandemics may come and go, but don’t get involved in the roller coaster of social media reactions to it.  Just stay safe.  Practice patience.  Don’t overlook the obvious ways you can protect yourself and your family.  No trial in life eliminates all joy, however small.  Find the joy, everyday, however small.

8).  Surround yourself with people who see life as Art.  The ones who know that everyday is decision-filled with things in your control…most of all, your mindset.

9).  Break bread with others, especially with home cooked meals, filled with conversation, casual or deep.  Food is one of life’s joys.

10).  Cherish the holidays, how they slow us down and invite appreciation.  Gratitude is, at the end of the day, the difference between a truly happy life and one filled with mediocrity.

Those are my 2022 goals.  Wonder if I’ll get there/achieve them?  Guess, for me, this is the year of hurry up and get the bad over with…started decorating Christmas at Halloween this year…Christmas shopping done before Black Friday.  I’m ready for 2022, ready to have life slow down again.  How about you?  Are you ready for a new start, a turning of the 2021 page?



Mrs. Sassy Pants


PS – My 2022 song:



What’s yours?????

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