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Is it wrong to say I have a bit of a Groucho Marx complex, i.e., “I don’t want to be a part of any club that would have me?”  Honestly, that’s the way I felt Saturday morning, as I grouchily got ready to go for an all day (ugh!) workshop at the Wailea Healing Center, on Maui where I live.  While my motto is ultimately, “A Little Powder, A Little Paint, Makes a Lady What She Ain’t,” the truth is, I do suffer from a few underlying health problems that cause me, frankly, to struggle every day.

I committed to myself at the start of 2019, that this year would be the start of a new, healthier me.  I’ve had a congenital cardiac arrhythmia for years that effected nearly every moment of my life.  I suffered with this since my daughter was small, when it was discovered during an impromptu ER visit.  A cardiac ablation was recommended.  But, I just didn’t want to risk it, since my little one needed me.  So, I tolerated years with a too rapid heart beat and became too sedentary.

Similarly, very bad bilateral knee arthritis and left shoulder pain  (after a severe dislocation, the same one that brought me to the ER, where my arrhythmia was discovered) have plagued me for years.  My X-rays show pretty significant bone on bone images.  Knee replacement surgery is in the cards, my doc says, but he wants me to avoid it as long as possible.  So, I eat turmeric like it’s going out of style, try (and often fail) to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, get steroid injections periodically and down anti-inflammatories all too often on a daily basis.  While I did get a cardiac ablation finally this Summer and still daily marvel at how my FitBit registers a normal heart rate, my hopes for helping my arthritis in any significant way are, quite honestly, non-existent.  It runs in the family you see.  I’ve seen this “movie” before.  Arthritis is a tricky little bugger.  So many things you do can affect it.  There is no one miracle cure it seems.

I honestly didn’t expect anything earth shattering to happen at my certification course in Aromatouch.  Yes, I am an avid learner.  Yes, I do believe strongly in the power of essential oils to promote wellness.  But, I guess I just consider myself a bit of a lost cause.  (I know, I know, we ought not say such things….power of positive thinking and all that.)  The class went a little like this:  We watched a slide show, listened to some rather remarkable anecdotal evidence, saw a demo, then started working the treatment on one another.

Even though the hands of my Aromatouch student-therapist were newbie hands, I really enjoyed the experience…though I’m a terrible guinea pig, due to my ticklish nature.   It was VERY relaxing.  I fell asleep during it and became very calm and peaceful….sort of like I’d fallen asleep in a cloud of marshmallows.  I felt buffered on the outside and warm on the inside, a little like a sleepy newborn.  While initially pretty hazy, when my mind started to wake up, I became aware that my shoulder and knees felt remarkably better.

It has been about 5 days now.  Granted, I have not been without pain, but I have to say that the pain is a WHOLE LOT better.  While not a miracle cure, feeling better is such a blessing to anyone who deals with daily discomfort.  I’m not sure I fully understand the power of these oils, or the energy meridians.  All I know is I will continue using them and seeking out Aromatouch experiences.  (The very next day, I bought a massage table, so that I can share this treatment with my family and friends.)  While sometimes the rigors of daily life can get us down and cause us to lose our way on the road to homeostasis,  Aromatouch definitely gives one a sturdy leg up in the pursuit of healing.  In short, I highly recommend trying it.  It may just help you get your mojo back!

Peace and Aloha!


Mrs. Sassy Pants



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