Finding Holy Grails and Busts with Fab Fit Fun


Ladies, I have been a big fan of Fab Fit Fun for over a year now. While the sex appeal and high end magnificence of the Wanderlust box sometimes has delighted me more, the price of that box doesn’t appeal to the cheapskate in me. In contrast, Fab Fit Fun (a quarterly subscription box for $49.99) rarely disappoints, so much so, that I even ordered two of the Spring boxes this year. Myself and 200,000 subscribers can’t be wrong. My little FFF addiction has contributed to the company’s $40M in Revenue last year, all while pleasing me to no end.


Spring Highlights:

The highlights for me in the Spring box were definitely the Quay Australia “Vivienne” shades in black smoke, which retail for $60. I really, really wanted the “My Girl,” choice in my second Spring box, but they were sold out. Bummer. Oh, well. But, I’m glad I have two pair of the Vivienne’s, since I have the habit of misplacing, scratching and, generally, walking around Maui in thoroughly smudged up lenses.

Nevertheless, the Maui sun is no joke. I can’t drive without a good pair of shades. I’m obsessed with my Maui Jim’s, but the price point for them is something I can’t afford to do often. So, Quay’s have become my second favorite brand of sunglasses. I’ll never get over leaving my first pair at the Chanel counter at the Queen K Mall. So, anytime I can pick up a new pair I do. These particular ones are nicely oversized, have good sun blockage and allow me to see the road with clarity. I love that Quays don’t sit on my cheeks, getting makeup on them. The no-slip wear is the real deal, with the double bridge metal and adjustable nose pads.

Another crazy good product is Dr. Brandt’s No More Baggage Eye De-puffing Gel. I wasn’t familiar with the product and was dubious. But, this skinny tube valued at $42 really works. I probably would have never bought it separately. Too pricey. Yet, I’ve been plagued by dark circles since childhood. Since I will be traveling to the east coast this Summer for a family wedding, I really couldn’t pass up getting a back-up tube, to help handle the jet lag eyes I’m bound to have.

I want to do my happy dance when I see a product like the generous 6.7 oz tube of Tula’s Probiotic Purifying Face Cleanser, which retails for $28 and has been an old favorite of mine. I love the clean smell and the way it both removes makeup, dirt/impurities and leaves my skin toned and clarified. It’s a great product. I’m so glad I have a back-up of it. The two tubes should last me until next year. Plus, the probiotics are supposed to help decrease inflammation in the skin, if that’s an issue for you.


Smidge of a Bummer:

I didn’t like the Deux Lux Demi Backpack. It was a bust for me. It is an extremely simple canvas and black leather(?) trimmed bag that (surprisingly) retails for $75. I don’t get it. It looks super cheap. What would I use this for? I imagine the canvas part would get dirty pretty easily. It might be good as a recyclable grocery bag. I’m thinking I might hang it in the laundry room for mismatched socks. Maybe my teen would like it for Mall jaunts, or beach days. I guess I could send her to the beach with a nice cold bottle of water in the included Sip by S’well ($19.99) We’ll see….

Thirsty Skin and Hair?

Ok, finally what appeals most to the 50+ age group? Exfoliation and moisturizing, exfoliation and moisturizing…. Not having your skin turn over as quickly as when you are young and loss of collagen is a pain in the butt. So, getting a big tub of Manna Kkadar Champagne Body Scrub (retails for $24) and a lovely generous 4.05 oz tube of Lavido Mandarin/Orange/Bergamot Body lotion (retails for $19) are complete win wins for me. The Ouai Haircare Leave In Conditioner (retails for $26) is a bit of a question mark, but I will try it. It’s certainly seems to be the leave in conditioner to the stars, if you believe Instagram.

It sometimes bugs me that Beauty and Hair Care products seem to always need a French sounding name or translation. But Ouai (pronounced “way”) makes me laugh, since it’s supposed to be the slang pronunciation of the affirmative “Oui.” I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I think of it as a little side-eye, directed at the hoyte toyte Frenchification of the Beauty industry. I sure hope so!

So, let’s see….that adds up to $274.99 worth of products for $49.99. That such abundance and worthiness exists in my Spring box totally slays the beauty junky in me.

Peace and aloha,

Mrs. Sassy Pants

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