Things I still enjoy about Maui, even though I want to move to California

Advertisements   Cool Desserts at Mama’s Fish House Poke Towers Tsunami Fries at Maalea Harbor Summertime Reads Mi bambino’s…but then they will be California kids someday. Da, the ocean, but Cali has an ocean….so, I think I’ll be just fine.   Spread the love, Mrs. Sassy Pants

Staying Home and Quarantine Silver Linings

Advertisements Follow my blog with Bloglovin Quarantine life in Hawaii has been (mostly) politely followed by its residents and, from all accounts, been a productive time.  We have been told we “flattened the curve.”  We have done a great job at protecting our keiki and kapuna.  Out of our 1,412,687 residents, a total of 629 Covid…