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I’m certifiable, LOL!

While my motto may be, “A Little powder, little paint, makes a lady what she ain’t,” my wellness journey is about the use of these incredibly powerful oils and their ability to make you what you want to be, healthy, strong, resilient, empowered.  They support my wellness journey and my emotional well being.  They are my little problem solver, I keep in my purse, on my desk, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my tub of water to bathe in, in my cleaning bucket, in my medicine cabinet, in my washing machine, by my sink, on my toothbrush, in the air, in and on my body.  They’ve sort of become like a best friend, something I can rely on daily, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health….oh, wait, that’s a husband….

Pretty Nail Polish: Supporting Indie Brands in the time of Covid.

Advertisements     Follow my blog with Bloglovin Heh Sassy Dames, If you are like me, you are trying to find ways to stay upbeat, busy and do what you can in the time of Covid to keep your happiness quotient up and pass it on whenever possible.  One thing that is very much on…

Staying Home and Quarantine Silver Linings

Advertisements Follow my blog with Bloglovin Quarantine life in Hawaii has been (mostly) politely followed by its residents and, from all accounts, been a productive time.  We have been told we “flattened the curve.”  We have done a great job at protecting our keiki and kapuna.  Out of our 1,412,687 residents, a total of 629 Covid…

Anti-aging Hair Care: My Year Long Experiment with Monat

Advertisements   I look at this photo and can’t believe the change in my hair over the past year.  When I was in my 20’s and living in NYC, I remember strangers used to stop me on the street and tell me how beautiful my hair was.  It was definitely one of my best assets….

Finding Holy Grails and Busts with Fab Fit Fun

Advertisements Ladies, I have been a big fan of Fab Fit Fun for over a year now. While the sex appeal and high end magnificence of the Wanderlust box sometimes has delighted me more, the price of that box doesn’t appeal to the cheapskate in me. In contrast, Fab Fit Fun (a quarterly subscription box…