“Ain’t Nobody Got Time” (or Money) for Produce Wash



These are some seriously crazy times. One thing that helps me is knowing how I can either outsmart, or outrun the stressors nipping at my heals. I’m finding, too, that part of the “overwhelm” comes from having too much stuff cluttering up my life. I’m in the midst of a major declutter journey…but that story is for another time.  

During the holidays, we tend to think that impulse buying will solve all our problems.  Usually it only gets us deeper in debt, with yet another thing to care for (dust, wash, repair, charge, recycle, etc…). I’m sure I’m not the only one who has impulse bought, only to find years later, that the item remains unopened or unused.

Veggie Wash – to use it, or not?

I know, I know, it’s not an exciting topic. But, maybe lately, you have thought to yourself while perusing produce,  “Hum….how many hands have touched these apples? Are my apples Covid +?” Maybe, like me, you have paid particular attention to washing your produce once home, or even bought one of these products:

This is the one I have purchased at Walmart for $8.81 (16 oz.).  It’s convenient. It’s handy.   Or, is it?   Does it make sense, especially in these economically tough times, to buy a store bought produce wash?   

I don’t think so and here’s why:

1). On closer examination, this 16 oz. bottle, priced at $8.81 (at Walmart), instructs us to fill a sink with water + produce and add 2 oz. of the product. Well you can do the math as well as I can. That means there are only 8 uses, at a cost of approximately $1.10 per use. If you buy produce conservatively once a week, this bottle will only last two months. So you will need to buy 6 bottles annually, at a cost of $52.86/annually for 52 weekly produce washing sessions.

2). Using the doTERRA PRICE per DROP CHART, if you are a wholesale member and you prepare the formula (listed below), you will only pay 34 cents to wash your produce vs. $1.10 using the store bought wash. (Retail customers would pay 44 cents per wash.)



Place produce in a sink filled with water.

Add 2 drops of Lemon Oil (@ 4 cents/drop = 8 cents.)

Add 2 drops of OnGuard Blend (@ 13 cents/drop = 26 cents).

Agitate. Rinse well.


3). Since each 15 ml bottle of doTERRA OIL contains 250 drops, buying one Lemon and one OnGuard for this recipe, you will have 500 combined drops.  That, my friends, means you could wash vegetables in your sink a TOTAL OF 125 TIMES! 

4).  Don’t forget, these two little bottles will be delivered to your front door, too, saving you time and money running to the grocery store.  That also means a lower carbon footprint too.


In a nutshell:

When you purchase Lemon and OnGuard for a total of $45.00, you can wash your produce for 2.314 years (or 116 weeks).  This would save you $82.60, compared to a store bought produce wash, which would cost $127.60 for 116 weeks of use.  If you’d like to buy just these two oils from me at the retail price (though I recommend you become a wholesale member to save money and earn points for free oils), you can go to my doTERRA website:  


But this is just one example of how bringing doTERRA into your life can save you money.  There are so many ways to use doTERRA in the kitchen and home, in beauty and health regimens, and even for stress management and emotional support through these challenging times.  With DoTERRA, you can improve your health, live a natural lifestyle and have a positive impact in the world (no exaggeration).  

So, if  you’ve been thinking about bringing essential oils into your life,  or just stumbled upon this blog and want more info, know this, essential oils will change your life.  

Here are the steps to becoming a Wholesale Member:

Step #1:  Pick your Kit


Step #2:  Subscribe to my doTERRA personal website at http://www.kathleenmurrayrn.com, to find out loads of additional info., including a free ebook “Essential Oils for Beginners.”

Step #3:  If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed about all there is to learn about oils, know that this is totally normal.  I will be there to answer your questions.  Plus, at doTERRA, we have so many opportunities for free online education.  In the meantime, here are a some oil suggestions to help you deal with the feelings of overwhelm or would like a free sample (US residents only).

Step 4:  Feel free to reach out, if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading my blog!


Mrs. Sassy Pants






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